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Code 318-91
17th Century Walnut Wood Homme Debout Cabinet from France

From France, this circa 1640 "Homme Debout" cabinet has been made from French walnut wood. An homme debout is a piece of furniture half the size of a normal armoire, has an upper and lower cabinet with a drawer in between the top and bottom cabinets and was used for storing clothing and household goods. Homme Debout translates to standing man and was the name given to this type of furniture after the French Revolution.  Legend has it, that it was used as a hiding place for armed Royalist insurgents during the Revolution. The middle drawer’s internal boards were removed allowing a man to stand up in the piece and hide!

This homme debout has been lined inside, more recently, with cloth and has wonderful motifs on its upper and lower cabinet doors.  It has its original three keys, which is rare. The entire pieces rests upon front bun feet and back block feet. This piece is of the Louis XIII period, putting its production around the middle of the 1600s. The carving decoration is known as geometric diamond point, typical of those pieces during the Louis XIII period in France.

CONDITION:  Good overall antique condition with old restorations, age separations, scratches, and some losses to wood.

H=80 1/8, Max Width (crown)=43 7/8, Body Width=38 5/8, Max Depth=23 1/2 (measured at top crown), Lower Molding Width=43
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