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Code 1116-5
Early 1700's French Walnut Wood Chateau Armoire, "The Order of Saint Louis"

The 'Cross of Saint Louis', carved into the front panels of this armoire represents L'Ordre de Saint Louis. This was an honorary recognition devised by King Louis XIV in 1693, and the first of its kind that gave special honors for military officers. This armoire was likely commissioned for or by one of these officers at the very beginning of the 18th century. The work is of the Lyon region of France.

The deeply carved moldings and motifs is what confirms this is from the Regence period (1715-1723). We see scrolling rinceau, palmettes depicting the Fleur De Lis, the bat’s wing, gadrooned lobes and many other floral and foliate motifs. The sides have five enclosed panels each. The interior has one shelf , and all this rests upon two incised bun feet and two back block feet. This beautifully designed and stately walnut armoire from Lyon will make an imposing statement in any room its placed. Original hardware, Lock, and Key.

CONDITION: There are old restorations, age separations, minor rubs to some motifs, very minor cracks in areas and old wood worm.

H=111 (9.25 feet), Crown Width=83 1/2, Crown Depth=34 3/4, Body Width=71, Body Depth=29 1/2
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