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Code 119-3
Painted Antique Oak Armoire, Ile-de-France, 19th Century

This beautiful painted oak armoire from Ile-de-France (Region of greater Paris) is from the 19th Century.  It is unusual in that it has 13 small but deep drawers hidden behind the center panel.  The center panel locks into place by a horizontally inserted blank key. It may have been a specialty armoire used in some sort of workshop.

The crown of the armoire is stepped in and deep, with stepped out panels at the center and curved sides. There are stylized palmettes on the top of each door, with smaller stylized Fleur De Lys beneach the crown, and flanking both sides. On the bottom corners are small Fleur De Lys. The interior has two vertical sections separated by the center section of small drawers. Each side has has three shelves,with two drawers at the bottom (they need be opened with a key or some other device, or pull added).  The simple carved motif on the lower portion of the doors is typical of case pieces from the Paris region. All this rests upon four block style feet.

CONDITION:  Good condition with rubs and nicks to paint and wood. You must use a key to pull lower drawers open (no pulls)

H=97 3/4, Crown Width=76 1/4, Crown Depth=28 1/2. Body Width=64 1/2, Body Depth=25 1/2
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