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Code 413-10
18th Century Period Louis XV Fruitwood Deux Corps from France

This magnificent 18th century fruitwood armoire from France has a beautiful burled wooden panels and a stunning patina.  The unusual hand carved motifs are subtly different from door panel to door panel, featuring wild flowers, garden flowers, floral buds, berries and foliation with the acanthus leaf and stylized fleur de lis taking precedence. 

The crown has a central curved shape or is “en chapeau” with a deep stepped out molding.  The frieze has a central floret surrounded by two rectangular open field panels with moldings terminating in unusual c-scrolls.  The four doors have raised beveled panels at their center and a series of small and large stepped out moldings, which give interest to an otherwise flat panel.  The raised center panels all have various shapes at the top to accommodate the foliate motifs above them. 

The upper section’s central dormant panel which is attached to the left hand door, has a margent of wild flowers and leaves at the top and an urn with a bouquet at the bottom.  The bottom central dormant panel has a drop of acanthus leaves at the top and a tiny bud with a leaf on either side in the shape of a stylized fleur-de-lis.  The shaped apron has a central foliate motif surrounding a heart with s-scrolls ending in tiny foliate motifs. The interior has shelves and two drawers with wooden knobs .  There are circular, carved half moon cut- outs to the interior of the doors to accommodate the knobs.  Decorative paper has been applied at some point in this deux corp’s recent history.

Condition:  Old Restorations, old wood worm, wear to some motifs commensurate with age.

H=95 1/4, Width (lower)=52 1/2, Depth (lower)=25 3/8
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