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Code 212-34
Antique Walnut Wood Armoire, Fourques Circa 1820

This elegant antique French armoire from Fourques, France is a masterpiece of balance in its design.  It has very sparse yet deeply carved c-scroll motifs on all of the thick tri-partite walnut wood panels.  This simplicity is balanced by ornate linear hardware which runs the entire height of the front doors and the six thick steel hinges on both doors.

The dominant en chapeau crown has thick stepped out walnut wood moldings and the tri-partite panels are raised and beveled.  Note the central dormante’s tri-partite panels—asymmetrical with two c-scrolls per panel, but all in different positions on the panels.  Its rounded corners end in thickly carved scrolled feet and the shaped apron balances with the crown height beautifully. This antique French armoire from Fourques is a true work of art in its design.

CONDITION:  Very good. Losses of wood in some areas, age separations and nick and rubs to wood commensurate with age.

H=97 1/4, Crown Width=59 5/16, Body Width=52 3/8, Crown Depth=25 1/2, Depth=23
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