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Code 213-7
Imposing 18th Century Fruitwood Bonnetiere from France

This versatile hand carved French bonnetiere is from the 1700’s.  It is versatile in that It can be used in either a contemporary or traditional design setting .  Its linear ornamentation is offset by a deeply curved, quadruple molded cornice. The apron mimics the shape of the cornice minus one curved molding. The overall effect is a very clean- lined piece of furniture.

The front molded panels have a very subtle asymmetrical shape.   The arched top is flanked by slightly different shaped sides, which at first glance is not obvious.  There are also indents added to one panel which are not on the other panel.   These subtleties were often difficult to achieve because of balancing the visual weight of the ornamentation.   Asymmetry during this period was very subtle. This stunning antique French bonnetiere from the 1700’s can easily fit into a contemporary or traditional setting.

Condition:  Commensurate with age- previous restorations, rubs, small nicks an old worm losses to edge of crown and apron; Losses of wood. Please inspect photos.

H=88 3/4, Body Width=54, Crown Width=66, Body Depth=25, Crown Depth=30
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