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Code 1119-2
Painted Bookcase from Northern Italy, 20th Century

This versatile Tuscan bookcase has been painted in a pale blue/grey with parcel silver gilt moldings. The top of the crown and base is painted black, and the overall shape of this piece is consistent with antique furniture from the North of Italy. The rectangular shape features a frontage with stepped out pilasters which add a dimensional aspect. The doors have been fitted with a desirable "grillage" or screen, which is often seen on antique bookcases and display cabinets from Italy and France.  Below this are beautifully painted panels featuring white scrolling foliate motifs. The interesting iron hinges are in an H design and have been painted in silver. 

The interior of the piece consists of six shelves and has been painted in a faux marble design. The pale yellow and cream color adds a wonderful contrast. This piece of course can also be used a display cabinet. Key included.

CONDITION:  Good condition with some old repair. Flaking and some chips to surface. Old battery powered lighting had been installed in the ceiling of the piece at one point.

H=99 1/2, Crown Width=86, Crown Depth=20 1/4, Body Width=78 7/8, Body Depth=16 1/2, Base Width=80 1/4
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