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18th Century Walnut Wood Armoire from Nimes, France - Louis XV Provencal, Signed "IG"

Everything on this armoire flows without interruption in a refined elegance.  All of its hardware is original and its condition has been carefully conserved over the centuries.  The interior is exceptional compared to other armoires that we usually see.  On the inner left side, it is signed IG. Authenticity certificate from 1993 available, as provided by an expert from France, in the Confederation of European Art, and member of "La Chambre Nationale Des Experts Specialises".

This remarkable antique French armoire has been very finely constructed of prized French blond walnut wood. The moldings are deep and elegantly carved with a continuous flow into other harmonious motifs, all signs that this piece was done by a master carver.  Note how many of tips of the leaves appear to be curved under the leaf in various stages of its growth.  The basket at the top of the crown not only juts out at an angle but has a discreet socle or plinth beneath it supporting and highlighting the basket.  The c-scroll acanthus leaves flow gracefully into each other and discreetly flourish into new growth. The refined shaped door moldings meet each other with more c-scroll acanthus leaves and sprigs of new leaves.  They frame unfielded asymmetrical raised panels on both the top and bottom panels. The central raised panel flourishes with a fantastic display of foliation, which is rich without being ostentatious.  The pierced shaped apron, a true hallmark of the Nimes cabinetmaker, completes the armoire.  The tripartite sides of this armoire have top panel moldings that are asymmetrically shaped to the front.  The shaped apron is a continuation of the outturned acanthus leaf foot molding. 

The city of Nimes where this armoire was made, has the most remains of ancient buildings of any other city in France.  The Roman ampitheatre, built around 70 AD is in Nimes, the Temple of Diana, and many more still stand in the city. This armoire was made around the time Les Jardins de la Fontaine was built, which was built around the original site of the Roman Baths.

CONDITION:  Excellent Antique Condition.  Minor old restorations, rub, nicks, minor indents, age separations, surface scratches all commensurate with age – 1700’s.

H=102 3/4, Crown Width=67 3/8, Body Width=57 5/8, Body Depth=25 3/4
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