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Code 316-55
Rare 18th Century Carved and Gilded Italian Walnut Wood Eagle Sculpture

This fabulous giltwood walnut eagle is from the late 1700’s and originated in Northern Italy. The sculptor who carved this eagle had the ability to represent him in a pose showing high energy and movement.  In its talons, it holds a large trumpet and branches of laurel leaves and palm fronds. There is quite a bit of symbolism involving the eagle and trumpet, which can go back to Roman times. It represents power, courage, and immortality. Trumpets are often associated with celebrations, ceremonies, warfare, and the Goddess Pheme, personification of fame and renown. This highly unusual and beautiful sculpture can be hung anywhere a wonderful focal point is needed.

CONDITION: Very good antique condition; old restorations to minor split; minor rubs losses to motifs and gilding. Please inspect photos.
H=23, L=58 1/2, D=8
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