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Rare Pair of Carved Antique French Walnut Wood Rococo Gates

This magnificent pair of antique French walnut wood openworked gates has all the attributes of the Rococo or Rocaille design. These gates were often used as separators between rooms giving a visual barrier but with the ability to see through them. Wooden gates, both painted and stripped were rarer than their metal counterparts, often adding more warmth. . We have never seen gates like this before, yet the design closely resembles a panel drawing by F.X. Habermann, circa 1750 (Dictionary of Ornament. Philippa Lewis and Gillian Darley. Copyright 1986 by Cameron Books).

The carvings include acanthus leaf C-and S-scrolls, scrolling acanthus leaves, gadrooned leaves, pierced diaper grounds, pierced C-scroll shells, rush stalks and icicles. Note the intricacy of how the icicles were carved. The Rocaille aesthetic was taken from nature in the form of rockwork, grotto ornaments, shells, and foliate scrollwork. Asymmetry was all pervasive but with a balancing of equal masses when applied. It began in France in the early 1700s with the leading ornemantistes of the style being Meissonier, Oppenord, Toro, Pineau, Pillement, Cuvillies and Hoppenhaupt. The French Rocaille was always extremely elegant with balanced and measured lines. The style became corrupted as it became popular throughout Europe, with designers outside of France taking the designs to ridiculous extremes.

These elegant hand-carved doors are from the early 1800s, and quite possibly older. The supporting plank on the sides of the gates is French Oak.

CONDITION: Good antique condition commensurate with age. Remnants of stain and paint in areas, losses to motifs, separations, and old restorations. Please inspect photos..

H=112, Each gate= 40 3/8 wide max
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