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Code 1119-11
A Large Partially Stripped Antique Coat of Arms Plaque, Circa 1910

This antique carved wooden coat of arms measures over 5 feet long and features two rampant lions flanking a center shield. The banner that stretches along the bottom has the phrase "JE MAINTENDRAI", which directly translates to "I Will Maintain". It represents the official Coat of Arms of the Netherlands since 1907 (previous to this, the lions wore crowns). The phrase originally comes from the Coat of Arms of Orange-Nassau, used by William of Orange in the year 1565. The lion shown on the center of the plaque holds a sword and a sheaf of arrows. It is said that each arrow represents one of the states of the Dutch Republic.

This coat of arms plaque was originally painted, then partially stripped in the late 20th century. There are still some remnants of black and gold paint. Today, it can be hung on a wall or placed above a fireplace mantel (has iron bars and wire for hanging).

CONDITION: Good antique condition, remnants of old stain and paint. Wear to motifs as seen in photos.

H=39 3/4, L=60 3/4, D=3 3/8
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