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Code 415-28
A Period Gothic Trunk Frontage from Picardie France, Oak, Circa 1500

500 year old trunk frontage from what must have been a substantial Gothic trunk. Panel is nearly 3 inches thick. Carved Oak.

This period French Gothic trunk frontage dates to circa 1500.  It comes from Picardie which has the largest Gothic cathedrals of the middle ages, as well as listed historic monuments and buildings. With its five panels displaying Gothic motifs and the beautifully hand carved upper border of individual scales, this trunk frontage is magnificent.

Used as a headboard for a bed, or used as a piece of artwork, this could be hung on a wall or wide overdoor, plus many other purposes.

CONDITION:  Old age separations, nicks and scratches.

H=26 3/8, L=61 3/4, D=2 7/8
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