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Code 119-10
19th Century Panel with Mounted Trophy Carving

This unusual wooden plaque has hand carved trophy ornamentation in the center of its moldings. The motifs include feathers, torches, arrows, musical instruments, and more. Trophies had their beginnings in Rome and Greece where they were used for military victories. During the 17th Century, they began to be treated as an ornamental motif, and in addition to military subjects, other themes began to include that of theater, fishing, astronomy, the sea, the Seasons, and of course, music. This panel was originally a door on a large 19th century case piece. Now, it makes for a unique wall mounted sculpture. A wire has been attached to the back for easy hanging.

CONDITION: Good condition with some minor losses to motifs and minor age separations. Area on side (back) and top of panel missing where there would have been a lock/hardware. Small area of minor fading to left of trophy.

H=29, W=31 3/4, D=5 1/4
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