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Code 319-16
Antique French Terra Cotta Fountain Back, Circa 1860

This fabulous antique French, arched fountain back has been made from terra cotta and dates to Circa 1860. At the top center of the arch is an acanthus leaf scroll with a shell and foliate motifs. The arch goes down to stepped out architectural moldings which frame the subject of the young boy and faun holding a Bernini dolphin. The dolphin’s mouth has the spout for the fountain which goes through to the back. This would have originally sat on a pedestal style basin designed to be attached to a wall.  The cherubs and dolphin rest upon a stepped out pedestal with a background consisting of water vegetation and a large net from which the dolphin was caught. The soft overall terra cotta coloration has natural areas of complimenting white tones. This is a fine and very well detailed piece. Today, it can be used a a decorative architectural or once again incorporated as a fountain element. 

CONDITION:  Good antique condition with minor cracks and wear as seen in photos below.

H=33 1/2, W=29 7/8, D=8
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