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Code 1012
18th Century Carved Tarbernacle from France

This beautiful antique French church tabernacle is from the 1700’s.  The European Oak has been stripped at some point in its history, with traces of gesso showing in the recesses of the ornamentation.  Red silk velvet covers the interior of the opening.  There are grape leaf columns with acanthus leaf capitals to either side of the opening on stepped in plinths.  The frieze has a central floret with trailing vines of flowers and leaves in the shape of fleur-de-lys , while egg and dart, rais-de-coeur and  leaf ornamentation comprise the linear decoration.  Most likely, this tabernacle once had a door on the front opening.  These historical old tabernacles can be used as display pieces on tables or affixed to the wall.
CONDITION:  Stripped at one point in its history; rubs, nicks, minor loss of wood on upper right hand corner; old wood worm, all commensurate with age.

H=29 3/8, W=28 1/4, D=10 1/2
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