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Code 117-2
A Carved Italian Marble Sundial

This beautifully carved marble sundial from Italy has a wrought iron gnomon for telling the time. As the earth rotates on its axis, the gnomon casts a shadow from the sun onto the tablet which is incised with different lines and times in Roman Numerals. At the point where the gnomon is attached, there are two star shaped marble insets of eight angles each, one over the other. The top piece is in shades of gold while the one beneath is in shades of green. Two lions’ faces are in a circle at the bottom corners. The outer shape is horizontal at the top and the sides are vertical to the bottom corners where they are arched with indents to accommodate the lions’ faces. The outer border has stylized angled fluting. This sundial was attached to something as there are two notches on the bottom and one and the center top. The back of the sundial has been left in its natural marble state.

Versatile in its uses, this sundial, with proper set up, can be used as a timepiece outside or as a decorative piece anywhere.

CONDITION: Very good condition.  Minor rubs to marble and notches where it was attached.
H=24 1/8, W=24 3/4, D=2 (13 including Gnomon)
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