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Code 1018-1
Antique Carved Stone Religious Architectural from Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, France, Circa 1820

This magnificent carved stone religious architectural comes from a Chapel in the French town of Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux (Drome, South of France). It now consists of two sections, which were part of a larger altar piece that was constructed in the 1820's. Expertly carved from large blocks of Drome limestone, the altar features delicately carved angels among floral and foliate motifs. The back of the piece is flat, with the exception of carved corner moldings, and flowers at the ends. The top shows the old holes which held tall iron and marble ornaments as well as candlesticks.

HISTORY AND PROVENANCE: The altar piece comes from what was, originally, the Chapel of Notre Dame de Pitié, built in the Middle Ages, then destroyed in 1562 during the Wars of Religion. It later became a convent, before being sold off during the French Revolution. Around 1820, a Catholic educational organization (Frères de l’Instruction Chrétienne) installs itself and begins many construction and decorative projects in the Chapel. The stone architectural that you see here was carved and installed during this period. In 1892, the Chapel is renovated again, yet the stone altar piece keeps its place among the new construction and decoration. Finally, in 2013, the Chapel suffers a horrible roof fire, resulting in total roof collapse. The Chapel was cleaned and restored, yet desacralized and now serves as an educational hall for students. *Historical photos are available upon request.

This is a stunning antique architectural piece with excellent provenance. With creativity and imagination, it can be easily incorporated into an interior design in a variety of ways. The piece can of course be used again in a Chapel or Church. Please contact us for further information and photos.

CONDITION: Losses as seen, and old mounting holes along the top (two sections)

H=23 5/8, Length=112, D=20
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