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Code 916-24
18th Century Carved Oak Panel of Saint Mark and Lion

This hand carved wooden relief is of St. Mark and the winged lion, the symbol of Venice. The plaque dates to the 1700’s. The hand carving is deep and in proportion, obviously done by a master carver. The motifs surrounding St. Mark are c- scroll acanthus leaves at the top and scrolling acanthus leaves around and beneath him ending in c-scrolls on a shell. St. Mark is in the middle in a beautifully draped robe with the winged lion below. One paw with claws is holding the shell. St. Mark was one of the twelve apostles who were chosen by Jesus. He is considered traditionally, the author of the Second Gospel. There are several interpretations of St. Mark the winged lion, but one in the Christian tradition decries he is symbolized as a lion, which is considered to be a figure of courage and monarchy. This incredibly well done plaque of St. Mark and the winged lion will be a focal point, wherever it is hung or placed.

CONDITION: Age separations, minor rubs and nicks.

H=31 5/8, W=19, D=2
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