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Code 112-16
Antique Stone Statue of St. Joseph-Late 1800s

This is a rare and beautiful, life sized sandstone statue of St. Joseph.  Made for a niche, the back 1/3 of the statue is flat.  The statue’s old patina of a very pale matte grey paint has areas of its original sandstone showing through, indicative of its age.  His countenance belies solemnity as he gazes at the stalk of flowers in his hands, while his stance portrays deep contemplation.

This antique statue of St. Joseph will be an attribute to any area it is placed in. Condition:  Old restorations to head; Right hand missing; one finger of left hand missing; chips at base of robe.

H=67 1/2, W=21, D=12 1/2, Base: Depth=13, W=20 1/2
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