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Code 219-15A
Carved Verona Rosa Marble Coat of Arms Plaque from Italy

This shield has been carved out of one solid piece of Rosa Verona marble. A stylized crown is at the top of the shield, which is surrounded by a series of different scrolls with floral motifs. In the central coat of arms section, we see images of a rampant lion, an eagle, a palmette, diagonal banners, and a fleur de lis. These motifs are all within an oval outline surrounded by the outer scrolls. The total depth is around 3 1/2” inches. It has been masterfully aged to give an appearance of a very old salvaged architectural.

Wonderful as an accessory anywhere in the home, this Italian marble plaque can be placed on a display stand or fixed to a wall. Weight=56 lbs.

CONDITION: Excellent condition with some nicks and distress marks

H=21, W=16, D=3 1/2
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