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Pair of Large Antique French Door Shutters from a Chateau, 19th Century

These monumental arched antique door shutters were salvaged from a 19th century French chateau. They would have been on the ground floor, attached to the building, and they would swing open to reveal glass French doors behind. Made of strong French Oak, not only would they be decorative, but they would provide protection during storms. Each shutter is 11.3 feet high and 7.1 feet wide. Their paint is a distressed white and they still have most of their original hardware for opening and closing. Wonderful large nailheads surround the entire frame, with one side having thick iron curved surrounds at the top and base of the shutters. Today, in addition to ground floor shutters, these could also be used as barn doors or as decorative architectural backdrops. We have two identical pairs from the same building, but please contact us for availability.

CONDITION: Good strong condition with small losses to some louvers, losses to paint, nicks, and abrasions, rusting to iron hardware.

H=136 1/2, W=85, D=1 3/8
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