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Code 318-72B
Large 18th Century Wrought Iron Gate Overthrow from Poitiers France

La Legende du Miracle des Clefs de Poitiers

This large scrolling wrought iron gate overthrow is from Poitiers, France.  At the center of the gate are crossed keys inside a circle, which depict The Keys of Poitiers. This large and beautiful wrought iron piece once surmounted a massive pair of gates. These gate crowns are often very decorative and can be seen above large European iron gates dating back to the 17th century.

This tale of the Keys of Poitiers takes place 800 years ago, a time when Poitiers was surrounded by a city wall. Around Easter, one of the mayor's men happens to meet English authorities, and accepts -in exchange of a considerable amount of money, to deliver the city keys to them, once they have arrived in front of the gates. When the moment comes, the traitor goes to rob the keys, but can't find them in their usual spot. Alerted, the mayor, in turn, starts searching for them with no more success. Since the unexplained disappearance is rather disturbing, the mayor goes to the church of Notre-Dame-la-Grande, with the intention of ringing the bells to call the citizens for help. On arrival, the mayor is surprised and relieved to find the missing keys dangling in the hands of the sculpted Virgin Mary! The miracle fortunately saved Poitiers from a dreadful fate. But meanwhile, the English troops, massed outside the city gates, had not yet seen the worst of their troubles : above, was a supernatural cloud and they suddenly see the Virgin and Child, accompanied by Saint Radegund and Saint Hilary -two Poitevan figures from early Christian times. It is said that the soldiers, struck with terror, kill themselves while running away in a melee. To commemorate the event, a statue of the Virgin carrying the keys was placed in the choir of Notre-Dame-la-Grande, where visitors can still see it today.- Courtesy of The Office of Tourism of Poitiers, France

This large wrought iron gate element will be a beautiful and completely unique piece of architectural decoration. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

CONDITION:  Rusting to iron, minor weld restorations to some connections

H=44 5/8, L=52 7/8, D=1 1/2
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