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Code 214-51
Lot of Rare 15th Century Forged Iron Door Hinges from France

*Priced as entire lot, but we can also sell individuals/pairs. Contact us for pricing.

Known in French as a "penture", it is sometimes possible to find extremely old and beautiful iron door hinges. They often out live the wooden doors that they were originally mated to, and their purpose was not only decorative, but of course permit rotation of the door and help stabilize the wooden planks of the door. The lot pictured above would have been comissioned together for various sized doors or shutters on the same building.

Approximate Sizing as Shown in Main Photo RIGHT to LEFT: 37, 38 1/4, 38, 35, 30 3/4, 30 1/2, 24 1/2 (x2)
$3,200 for Entire Lot
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