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Painted Antique Boiserie with Fireplace from Provence, France

You are looking at a French paneled room (boiserie) section. It is whitewashed, in the Louis XVI style, and includes a fireplace, 6 pairs of doors (PLEASE NOTE ONE PAIR IS NOT SHOWN IN PHOTOS). There are shelves behind the two sets of doors on either side of the fireplace. The third set of doors are 'flat', with no frieze or baseboard molding. It is from Provence, France in the early 1800's or possibly older. Some of the shelving however, has been added recently. It is in good antique condition with some chipping to the wood and paint as seen in the photos. There are a few recent restorations.

Wooden paneled rooms replaced marble paneled rooms at the beginning of the Louis XVI period. They were either left in their natural state, stained and waxed, or painted. Elaborate to very simple decorations were used, and moldings were copied from previous periods or from the current period.

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H=106 1/2, Length As Shown= 192 1/2

Firebox Opening: H=40 1/2, L=53 3/4


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