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Code 114-6B
A Carved 18th Century Oval Wooden Religious Plaque from France

This beautiful hand carved, French wooden plaque dates to the 1700’s. It depicts a very finely executed scene of a religious nature with varying degrees of symbolism. Originally this may have been in a Church or a private chapel of a chateau.  The plaque depicts Christ holding a cross and comforting Mary.  They are under rays going into clouds of cherubs. At the bottom center are beads with a medal having IH on it (iota and eta), which was a very early and well known way to represent Christ. The carving is well done with deep relief. On the back, you can see that this plaque has been put together in sections with different lots of wood.

CONDITION: Very good condition with age separations, minor splits to side molding, rubs to wood.

H=27 7/8, W=23, D=2 1/2
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