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Code 114-6A
A Carved 18th Century Oval Wooden Religious Plaque from France

This beautiful hand carved French wooden plaque dates to the 1700’s. It depicts a very finely executed scene of a religious nature with varying degrees of symbolism. Originally this may have been in a Church or a private chapel of a chateau. This plaque depicts a religious person in front of a thatched covered area. A pair of shoes is behind him at the base of his robe, and behind this is a piece of cloth draped over a tree stump. He is in front of an alcove with a cross having the image of Christ and two candlesticks with lit candles flanking the cross. To the left forefront and behind the man’s hand is a skull, representing the death of Christ. To the right is a church in a wooded setting. The carving is well done with deep relief. On the back, you can see that this plaque has been joined from different pieces of wood.

CONDITION: Very good condition with age separations, minor losses to motifs, toes and finger tips of person. Minor rubs.

H=28 3/4, W=24, D=2 1/4
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