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Code 1017-12
Antique Carrara Marble Bathtub from Italy, Early 1800's Genoa

This stunning carrara marble bathtub was recently pulled from an estate in Genoa, Italy, and dates to the beginning of the 19th century. It has been carved from one solid piece of marble, and unlike other marble tubs of similar style, there is a raised sitting area on the bottom of one end of the tub. The only ornamentation on this tub are the two raised rings, carved in relief, on the front side of the tub. This tub is sometimes referred to as a Roman Style tub.

Versatile in its simplistic design, this freestanding bathtub can be used in a contemporary or traditional style of design. 

CONDITION: Minor chips, scratches, and losses to marble. *We have left marble as we found it. If you are interested in a complete cleaning, please contact us for details

H=23 3/4, L=66 1/8, D=28 3/4. Approximate weight estimated to be in the area of 2,500 lbs
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