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Code 916-1
17th Century Door Carved Oak Knocker Backing from France

This beautifully hand carved wooden lion’s head door knocker surround is from the 1600’s.  It depicts a lion’s head with his mouth wide open at the center. Surrounding this is an elongated cartouche featuring c-scrolls, scrolling acanthus leaves and palmettes. There is hole in the lion’s mouth where the knocker would have been attached and a hole farther down where the striker plate or nailhead would have been.  This piece was dismounted from a chateau sometime during the 1800’s. At this time, it was mounted to a backing.

Lion’s head door knockers and surrounds on front doors go back to Greek and Roman Times.  They are now considered a symbol of power, wealth and station in life.

CONDITION: Minor losses to motifs commensurate with age of 1600’s as seen in photos.

H=35 1/2, W=10 7/8, D=6 1/8 (max deepest point)
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