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Code 318-38
Beautiful Carved Limestone Lion Architectural, Burgundy France, 17th Century

This magnificent hand carved lion head architectural dates to the 1600s and was salvaged from a chateau near Macon, France.  With the head of a lion and the body of an acanthus leaf volute, this was once mounted to a building facade or wall. This particular fragment, with one ornately carved side and the other side plain, yet equally weathered, means that it was most likely one of two, which flanked a center piece atop a portal or grand entryway to the chateau. The large acanthus leaf C-Scroll has a flower with a pine cone protruding from it and, one of the meanings of the acanthus leafs symbolism is immortality; and, one of the meanings of the pine cone’s symbolism is eternal life.  

Today, this piece can be mounted as a piece of art anywhere in the home. This beautiful carved stone architectural is rare, and it will definitely be the focal point of any area in which it is placed.

CONDITION: Some motifs missing, chips and abrasions commensurate with age and outdoor use.

H=31 3/8, Length=25, D=8 1/2
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