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Code 816-8
Cast Stone Statue of a Greek Warrior, France 1970s

This cast stone statue of a Grecian Warrior is from France and dates to the approximately the 1970s. It depicts a warrior standing at a small tree stump where his quiver with arrows is tied. Under his fringed helmet is his long hair flowing over his shoulders. His robe is attached in the front by a strap going over one shoulder.  The rest of the robe is draped in his left hand.  A cane with vines wrapped around it is held in his right hand.

The casting is very well done and the original sculptor knew his craft well as shown by the placement of the multiple folds in his robe.  The original carver knew where to create the draping throughout the statue. 

CONDITION: Very Good. Minor chips

H=57 3/4, W=23, D=15 1/2
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