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Code 916-23A
15th Century Gothic Architectural, Castres France

This magnificent carved stone piece is a fragment that was salvaged from a building or Cathedral originally built in the 1400's. It was found in the South of France, near the town of Castres, along with several other fragments. Due to it's central motif of S-shaped curve with cusps, we believe the piece to be of the Rayonnant Gothic style. These curvatures can be seen in many unique designs such as at the Cathedrals of Reims, Amiens, Bourges, Chartres, and Beauvais. Although this piece is without a doubt Period Gothic, it's exact design is quite rare.

This stunning French limestone architectural exemplifies the flamelike s-curves with cusps. It is surrounded by a limestone frame with pierced spandrels in all corners. This antique French architectural is stunning standing on its own as a piece of artwork inside or outside.

CONDITION: Losses to outside borders. Rubs and chips throughout the piece. Please inspect photos.

H=33, W=33 1/2, D=5 1/4
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