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Code 316-67
Pair of Magnificent 18th Century French Chateau Gates

These antique French wrought iron gates are absolutely stunning. All of the motifs are on both sides of the gates. Each door is centered with what appears to be urns, but are really motifs of shaped acanthus leaves surrounded by graceful, flowing C and S scrolls. Old parcel-gilt on the acanthus leaves highlight scrolls and areas of importance such as the top, the center and bottom of each gate. The handles on both sides are shaped acanthus leaves. No welding was done on these gates, just banding and very old hand-forged screws.

There is a narrow center vertical panel which joins the two gates made up of a series of hearts. The heart motif was often used at the front of the house or entrance to a property. How visitors were greeted was critical in the development of a relationship and whether this person would be a friend or treated as a suspicious person. So door knockers, bells and even cutouts in the shape of hearts such as the ones shown at the center of these gates, were added as a good way to greet visitors. Today, antique gates are still used at entrances, at doorways or as room dividers. It could also be used with pieces of artwork placed strategically on walls with a mirror between the doors, a painting, statuary, or a beautiful piece of furniture. Left Gate Width=30 3/8; Right Gate Width=36 1/2

CONDITION: Excellent. Areas of rust and wears to finish commensurate with age

H=92 (max), Total Width=66.88, D=6 1/4 (at handle)
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