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Code 319-13
Antique Bleached French Bishops Coat of Arms Panel

This is a bleached French oak wooden panel from the 18th century. The carvings are done in bas relief, and show a wide hat surmounting a shield with tassels. This hat is known as a galero, and the tassels are called fiocchi. It represents the French Archbishop’s Coat of Arms. The number of tassels shown on this coat of arms is 10 on each side bound together by cords called cordiere. The shield bears a diagonal banner crossing the three French Fleur de Lis. The frame surrounding the panel is adorned with foliate vines.

The panel has a a bit of white embedded in the grain, and there is just the right amount of old stain remaining, which adds depth and interest to the carvings. Today, this beautiful bleached oak panel can be hung on the wall as a decorative accent, or you can place it in an acrylic holder on a sideboard or table.

CONDITION: Good overall antique condition with some wear and minor losses

H=22 3/4, W=18 3/4, D=1 1/4
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