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Code 916-34
Rare Pair of Carved Italian Marble Stoups, Giallo Reale

These exquisite Italian Holy Water Vessels or Stoups have been hand carved out of beautiful, old Giallo Reale marble. Along the front and back sides, there are cartouches surrounding an oval white and grey marble egg motif. The shaped pedestal beneath the basin has an acanthus leaf sphere which rests upon an octagonal shaped base. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is excellent. Today, these vessels can be re-purposed into sinks, planters, fountains, or simply decorative elements. Of course, they can once again be used in chapels as stoups.

CONDITION: Very good condition; minor losses to marble on edges and veins.

H=40 1/2, Width 1=26 3/4, Width 2=27 1/2, Depth=23 1/2
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