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Code 713-3
Pair of 19th Century European Stone and Terra Cotta Overdoors
This stunning pair of antique European architectural overdoors has been made from cast stone, terra cotta and a glaze which has a craquelure over the stone. There is also old cement and mortar that was used to fill and install the pieces. There is a beautifully stylized central fleur de lis motif tied with a crinkled ribbon and a flame finial at the uppermost portion. More scrolling oak and acanthus leaves trail down to either side ending in an elongated c-scroll. These magnificent antique European architectural overdoors will be an asset to any pair of entrances. They could also be used as lintels over windows.

Please note that one is slightly longer than the other, and with the old mortar between each section, it is hard to get accurate measurements.

Maximum Depth = 16 inches
Center Finial Height= 25 1/2 inches

Overdoor 1: Total length approximately=74.5 inches

Overdoor 2: Total length approximately=75.5 inches

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