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Code 315-6
Unusual Eagle Architectural Panel/Column Pilaster from France, Circa 1880

This extremely unique French architectural is carved from French oak and most likely served as a stylized Ionic pilaster. It has magnificent hand carved details on all of its motifs. This pilaster/panel may have been in a boiserie (wooden paneled room) or simply a beautiful focal point in a room.

The back of the panel is indented with fittings meant to slide onto another piece that was attached to a beam or stepped out portion of a wall. The top has a mansard roof with fluting on all sides. Above this may have been an extension going upwards to the ceiling panel. Beneath this is a large eagle with widely spread wings having very finely hand carved feathers all over his body. His wings spread over two ionic capitals with acanthus leaf motifs on the frieze. His talons are clutching a laurel leaf ring with deeply crinkled ribbons motifs flowing from the center to either side. The rectangular raised panel frontage beneath has four patera at each corner. It is at this area that another object was probably displayed. The plinth or base has deeply crinkled ribbons surrounding a swag of tiny flowers, all individually hand carved. The floral swag hangs from volutes on either side. All motifs are carried over to the sides of this fabulous stylized pilaster/panel.

Today, this antique French, highly stylized Ionic pilaster/panel can be used to display a variety of items on its raised flat panel frontage or, it can be left as it is. It would make as an excellent copper lavabo stand (see photoshop example below).

CONDITION: Very good antique condition. Minor rubs, nicks and age separations.

H=75 1/2, Depth=15 5/8, Width at Bottom=36 1/2, Width at Top=27 1/2
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*Above photo with copper piece is an example of this architectural used as a Copper Lavabo/Sink Holder. See Accessories and Miscellaneous section for available pieces.