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Code 918-13
Large Antique Carved Wooden Eagle Sculpture, Late 18th Century

This beautifully hand carved and painted wooden sculpture of an eagle with open wings, is from the late 1700’s. His head, upper wings, and feet have been painted in gold, while the rest of the front of him has been painted in a deep brown. His feet are carved to go around a bar of some sort. The back is unadorned and has some old attachments. It is possible that the eagle was originally some sort of church adornment, as part of an altar piece.

Today, this impressive antique eagle carving will be a focal point anywhere it is placed. It's maximum wingspan is over 45 inches.

CONDITION: Good antique condition with an old restoration to separation on back of head, rubs, and touch ups as seen in photos below.

H=24, L=45 1/4, D=7 1/4
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