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Code 417-15
Antique Beige Limestone Statue Pedestal from France, Savonnières-en-Perthois, 19th Century

This fabulous antique French statuary pedestal has been made from a limestone quarried around Savonnières-en-Perthois sometime in the 19th century. The top has three stepped in moldings. The middle level’s ornamentation depicts beautifully carved, back to back dolphins, whose tails are tied with a ring at the center, forming a fleur-de-lis!  Single dolphins are on the sides with their tails attached by rings to the back wall. Beneath this is a level of stylized flowers and palmettes following around to the sides. The back is a rectangle from the 2nd level down, stabilizing the pedestal.  There is also a hole bored on the back left for attaching it to something else, adding further stability. The workmanship on this piece is superb! Versatile in its uses today, this pedestal could support a variety of objects.

CONDITION: Minor losses to left front corner and minor chips and scratches throughout, all commensurate with use and age. Some old repairs.

H=18, W=28 3/8, D=16
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