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Code 907-31
Period Antique Directoire Doors-Poplar Wood, Circa 1800

This is a pair of antique French doors from the Directoire period. The wood is Poplar or Limewood (these two species are very similar in France).
The doors have magnificent ironwork on the interior side. The locking system, called cremone, has two round knobs which are attached to vertical rods: one moves the rod upward, while the other sends it down into the rings attached to the doors' frames. The thick iron hinges are attached with c and s scroll decorative strapping.
The exterior sides of the doors have raised wooden diamond point decoration on the bottom panel, typical of the Directoire period. The middle panel is adorned with a raised horizontal diamond point. The top rectangular panel is offset by a raised Directoire panel with a bronze plated letter slot. The other door has a knocker in the shape of a fist. And finally, the diamond shaped iron filets surrounding these panels are in fact what affixes the bolts to the interior iron strapping.

The doors have chips, rubs, separations, some loss of wood, but overall for their age, they are in good antique condition and could definitely be restored for daily use.


H=93 3/8, W=50 5/8


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