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Code 114-8
Pair of 19th Century Carved French Oak Corbels

This stunning pair of French hand carved, decorated, oak corbels depict cherubs within an elongated, incurved stylized cartouche. Above their heads is a stylized palmette, and their are arms rest upon the upper portion of a c-scroll. The wings wrap around the sides, and their feet rest within the bottom scroll. Corbels are architectural supports used to hold something heavy or used purely for decorative purposes. The cherubs would have been facing down at the floor, joining the ceiling beams to the wall. They can once again be mounted for architectural use, or they can be displayed as wonderful antique accessories.

* Dimensions are as photographed (max dimensions)

CONDITION: Very good antique condition. Minor losses and rubs to wood; holes bored for hanging; attachment added to back for hanging each one..

H=31 1/2, Max Width (wings)=14, Depth=11 1/4
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