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Code 114-32
Large Bas Relief Chateau Plaque

This is casted from an original stone plaque that was a frontage to a Belgian castle. It is likely that this plaque features the Coat of Arms of the family Crawhez, according to the Jean-Baptiste Rietstap, who created one of the worlds largest armorial references in the late 1800's. "MANUS MITTIT AD FORTIA" (Direct translation is "To Send the Strong Hand"). A similar Coat of Arms can be seen on the 16th century Chapelle Saint-Ghislain de Dampremy

The model above is made of crushed stones and cement and has been darkened with a mixed-in antique stone finish that will hold up to any outdoor elements.

H=44 1/2, L=55 1/8, Maximum Depth approximately 11 inches. Weight=660 lbs
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