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Code 915-32
Rare 16th Century Architectural Stone Capital from France

This rare fragment was salvaged from an entryway on a building in Fontvieille, near the city ancient Arles, France. There is a worn and carved center cartouche depicting a very small church with a cross on the roof flanked by deeply carved angels. Behind this is another gros relief carving which is non-identifiable. The piece dates to the early to mid-1500s and would have stood atop one of the columns. It's backside was affixed to the building and it most likely supported archivolts which were seen throughout the medieval period buildings and into the early 1500s. The facing of the piece is slightly angled away from it's back, which might further support the idea of it existing in a recessed archway. This stone French architectural from the 1500s is truly a work of art. It could be mounted upon a plexiglas base, table or pedestal.

CONDITION: Excellent. Solid, ancient condition with wearing from hundreds of years of exposure.

H=13 1/2, W=20, D=16 1/2

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