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Code 916-14
A Large 18th Century Parcel Paint Wooden Ceiling Medallion from Spain

This massive, antique, highly carved Spanish ceiling medallion measures 47 inches in diameter! You can just imagine the size of the room this was in. Sometime in the 1700’s, the architecture in Spain returned to neo-classicism. Floral and foliate motifs were in abundance once again. This medallion has deeply carved motifs encompassing palmettes, ribbon crossed wreaths, anthemion, acanthus leaf and more. Its depth allows for viewing of all layers from below or from the sides, if hung on a wall as artwork. These were often done in plaster, and more rarely in wood, iron, or marble. They were the focal point of a room.

This magnificent 18th century Spanish wooden ceiling medallion is an impressive and rare architectural antique.

CONDITION: Losses to motifs, age separations, rubs, scratches all commensurate with age

47 x 44, Depth=13 1/2
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