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Code 917-30
Pair of Large and Decorative Plaster and Fiberglass Atlases from France

This pair of large male Atlases’ from France has been made from plaster and fiberglass.  They are the male version of a caryatid, used as architectural column supports in the shape of a human figure. They are hollow in the back, with arms folded over their heads. The drapery forms the base of whatever they will support. The drapery then flows along their backs, sides, and front. One Atlas looks off to his left, and the other to his right. They can be placed directly on the floor, or attached high on a wall, providing a faux support for beams, sculptural art, or any other architectural element. Highly decorative, these larger than life Atlases from France will be a focal point wherever they are placed.

CONDITION: Good condition with some chips and minor cracks to surface. 

Left: H=64, W=27, D=17 3/4. Right: H=63, W=26 1/2, D=18 1/4
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