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Code 407-107
Elegant Pair of Carved Stone Stairs or Stair Ends from a French Property, Circa 1850

These hand carved, antique French stone stair fragments, are some of the most exquisite we have ever seen.  They are comprised of two separate sections having three steps each, allowing for much versatility in their how they are used.  On their outer sides are hand carved branches of scrolling leaves, flowers, buds, and fruit.  Notice how the artist also incorporated incising of stems of flowers on the mid and upper sections of stone.  Moss is found throughout and simply enhances their look. These carved stone stairs can be used as steps in a multitude of areas, both indoor and out. They can also be used a stair ends or caps for wooden steps going from one room to another.

Step 1. Rise=7 1/2 Depth=12 3/4
Step 2. Rise=5 1/2 Depth=12 3/4
Step 3. Rise=5 1/2 Depth=12 3/4

CONDITION: Very minor losses of stone and motifs, slight chips and rubs.

H=18 1/2, Length=36, Width= 12 5/8 + 12 1/2
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