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Code 1017-11
Pair of Antique Terra Cotta Building Ornaments from England, Circa 1820

Truth and Faith

These stunning antique architectural building elements from England depict angels holding shields, bearing Truth and Faith. They would have been built in to the facade of a building and later removed. One of them is still filled with bricks and cement in the rear (see photos). The angels are in a wonderful distressed condition, but still very solid and heavy. Even after so many years and so much exposure, they are still beautifully detailed. Today, they can stand as artwork displayed anywhere, and will of course be conversation pieces. If glass tops are added, they could also be used as end tables. They can be built into walls as they once were.

CONDITION: Strong condition, but overall distressed look with losses to coloration and motifs. Please see photos.

H=27, W=14 1/4, D=16
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