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Code 116-1
A Large and Unique Antique French Boiserie Section with Covered Alcove, 17th Century Elements

This beautiful section of boiserie has been carved from softwood in the 17th century (upper section pieces only). It has been completely cleaned (stripped) and clear waxed at some point in it's history, and about 15 years ago, the previous owners added the base section (one piece), and backing.

The motifs are acanthus leaves in various forms, discs, scrolls and beading. To the sides of the center open section are crowns with ribbons.  The one on the left is over an arrangement of irises while the one on the right is over an arrangement of roses.  Beneath each is a draped cartouche with roses hanging from the center. Both of these sections are slightly curved inward to the central covered alcove. The opening is curved at the top with the ceiling being flat. Different motifs described above are at the back and the front. A bracket is above this blending into the ceiling molding.

This beautiful section of French Boiserie could be placed in front of any type of window from clear glass to stained glass or mirrored glass. The alcove could also feature a painting, statue, bust, tapestry section or any piece of sculpture. It could be used in numerous applications. 

CONDITION: Very good condition; old restorations and additions, minor age cracks, minor losses to wood, traces of old wood worm.

H=97 1/8, L=110 5/8 (9.22 feet), Max Depth=14
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