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Code 1218-6
Rare Set of Six circa 1880 French Oeils de Boeuf Window Frames

It is very unusual to find such a large set of antique French window dormers such as these. They are referred to as "Oeils de Boeuf" and they are typically French, first used during the 17th century. These window dormers are usually seen on upper levels, set on the roof slope and were intended to add light to otherwise dark rooms. Famous examples can be seen on the architecture of Le Louvre, Versailles, Chenonceau, but also many other, smaller Baroque Chateaux and buildings throughout France. This set of 6 date to the late 1800s, and they come from a Chateau in the North of France. A large set in good condition, such as these can easily be used again in a new construction. Sometimes, they are re-purposed as decorative mirrors.

H=43 3/4, W=37 3/8, D=6. Diameter of Opening=21 3/4
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