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Code 219-15B
Carved Arched Marble Lion Plaque Representing the Winged Lion of Venice

This carved marble bas relief plaque represents the winged lion of Venice. It is the symbol of the city, formerly of the Republic of Venice, as well as the heraldic symbol of St. Mark, who was the patron saint of the City of Venice. The winged lion is shown holding a raised sword with his left paw upon a closed book. Venice has long been infatuated with the figure of the lion, symbol of majesty and power. Venice is also known for having the largest number of sculptural, and other representations of lions in the world. In 1316 live lions were kept at the Palazzo Ducale, where to the surprise of all people, a lioness gave birth in the courtyard. This marble bas relief plaque has a wonderful texture and form, appearing as though it dates from antiquity. It can be placed on a table holder or hung on the wall via small bracket.

CONDITION:  Very good condition with missing areas and intentional distress marks. Surface buildup

H=22 1/4, W=19, D=3 1/2
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