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Code 916-6
Magnificent Pair of Antique Stone French Lion Architecturals

These large and phenomenal antique French stone lions were removed from the front of a building at some point in their history. They were likely attached to the front of a Chateau where they stood guard, representing strength, nobility, and bravery. Each lion has deeply carved and perfect muscular proportion and detail. They are leaning on their front legs while their big paws grip a cylindrical motif. Toward the back of each piece are scrolls and some carved acanthus leaves. The backside shows where they were removed. The tops are flat and remnants of old white paint can be seen throughout. At 27” high x 20” wide x 25” deep, they could easily be used as end tables, placed upon pedestals as pieces of art, or a variety of other uses. Truly old carved stone lions such as these are uncommon on the market today.

CONDITION: Good. Wonderful old condition with minor chips and wear to stone. Old paint remnants. Please inspect photos..

H=27, W=20, D=24 1/4
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